Privacy Policy


Tribus Services and all of its Canadian based operations fall under provincial or federal personal information protection legislation. The various provincial and federal Acts set out ground rules for the management of personal information. They balance an individual’s right to the privacy of personal information with the need of our business to collect, use, or disclose personal information for legitimate business purposes.

Tribus Services’ Commitment to Protecting Privacy of Personal Information

Tribus Services and its group of companies are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information that Tribus Services holds about its customers and other individuals with whom Tribus Services does business. To provide the highest level of protection, Tribus Services maintains standards designed to protect privacy and prevent the misuse of any personal information. This Policy reflects that commitment.

What is Personal Information?
Personal information identifies a specific individual. It includes items such as your name, address, gender, age, family status, and social insurance and other personal identification numbers.

In the course of carrying out business, Tribus Services is trusted with personal information about its customers and other individuals. We understand the private nature of this information and we will take steps to ensure that we limit its collection, use, and disclosure to the purpose for which it was gathered.

Collecting and Using Personal Information
Tribus Services collects and uses personal information for the purposes reasonably required in order for it to carry on business, including the following:

  • To establish and maintain a business relationship.
    Tribus Services will collect basic information from its customers and other individuals with whom Tribus Services carries on business to confirm identity and contact information. Tribus Services may also collect bank and credit information for customers to set up accounts and facilitate billing, collections, and customer service.
  • To develop and improve products and services.
    Tribus Services may collect personal information in connection with the products and services purchased or used by its customers in order to enhance them. Tribus Services may also use that information to offer service recommendations or bring new services and products to the attention of those customers.
  • To understand customer needs and preferences.
    Tribus Services keeps some personal information for the purpose of providing personalized service.
  • To manage Tribus Services’ business and operations.
    Tribus Services analyzes customer usage of its products and services in order to better understand future customer requirements and assist in forecasting activities.

How Tribus Services Collects Personal Information
Tribus Services collects most information directly from customers and the other individuals with whom Tribus Services does business. With your consent, we may also obtain personal information from third parties, such as credit agencies or other personal references given by you.

When Tribus Services Shares Personal Information
Tribus Services may, on occasion, need to disclose personal information to other parties about our customers, end customers, or about others with whom we do business. This is done with the strict understanding that it is for a specific legitimate business purpose. Some examples of when personal information may be disclosed include the following:

  • To enable the provision of services.
    Tribus Services may disclose customer information to a related company, or third party agent, for the purpose of providing services to customers, such as billing, payment collection, or customer service.
  • To assist an agent on acting on a customer’s behalf.
    For example, Tribus Services may disclose information to an individual’s legal counsel if Tribus Services is satisfied that that person is seeking the information at the request of the individual.
  • To facilitate accounting processes.
    Tribus Services may disclose information for the purpose of collecting on a debt obligation owing to Tribus Services.
  • To protect a person or persons from imminent danger.
    Tribus Services may disclose personal information to a public authority, or its agent, if Tribus Services reasonably believes the disclosure is required to preserve life or property.
  • Research or business planning.
    Tribus Services may disclose a customer’s personal information to a third party to perform research for customer service and business planning activities.
  • To a company within the Tribus Services
    Tribus Services may disclose a customer’s personal information to related companies within the Tribus Services group of companies, its partners, or third party agents in order to ensure proper administration of special offers and programs.
  • In specific confidential situations.
    Tribus Services may disclose personal information to third parties in connection with a proposed sale of part or all of its business.
  • For legal compliance.
    Tribus Services may disclose personal information for law enforcement purposes and to the extent required to comply with legal requirements or regulatory orders.

Tribus Services’ Commitment to Security of Personal Information
Tribus Services is committed to protecting your personal information and we will do so in several ways including:

  • Tribus Services will limit the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information to the extent reasonably required to conduct our business and provide ongoing service.
  • Tribus Services will maintain suitable safeguards to protect the personal information we possess, including limiting access to authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis.
  • Tribus Services will require other organizations to meet the same standards as we do before sharing any personal customer information.
  • Tribus Services will honor any individual’s reasonable request to review and update their own personal information (There may be a nominal processing fee for personal information requests. You will be notified if a fee will be required before we process your request). Tribus Services will take reasonable steps to process these requests in a timely manner.
  • Upon request, Tribus Services will provide a description of the security measures we use to protect your personal information, and a summary of our privacy complaint procedures. Please direct any requests to our privacy official at

Your Options Regarding Personal Information
You may withdraw or limit your consent to Tribus Services’ collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information at any time, subject to any legal or contractual restrictions. Tribus Services will process and implement such requests within a reasonable amount of time. Note, however, that such requests may limit Tribus Services’ ability to provide you with the optimal level of service or any service. Tribus Services will advise you if this is the case.

We do not provide our customer information to third parties for any reasons other than those described above, nor do we sell our customer lists. If you have any concerns or questions about our service and your privacy, or to request the personal information we have about you, please contact our privacy official at

Keeping Personal Information Accurate
Tribus Services attempts to keeps our records as accurate and complete as possible. You can help us maintain the accuracy of your information by notifying us of any changes to your personal information. If you find any errors in our information about you, let us know and we will make the corrections immediately and make sure that the information is conveyed to anyone we may have misinformed. For information that remains in dispute, we will note your opinion in the file.

Ethics Policy

Tribus Services, Inc. and its group of companies strictly comply with our Corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines including the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy. This reflects our commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of security holders, employees, customers, and other people with whom we do business.

Our employees, managers, and vendors are responsible for striving to ensure our behavior is ethical and for taking steps to resolve ethical dilemmas. As business becomes increasingly complex, Tribus Services has taken steps to ensure our employees have the opportunity to seek clarification and guidance on the policies, procedures, and guidelines.

To ensure those who are external to Tribus Services also have an opportunity to request guidance or make a good-faith report about misconduct or a perceived violation of this policy, another company policy or procedure, or a government law or regulation, questionable business practices, potential fraud, or accounting, or auditing matters that may not be in compliance, Tribus Services has set up a Confidential Reporting Line that can be accessed via email.


The Confidential Reporting Line is a convenient and confidential way to seek assistance and report potential violations regarding ethics and compliance issues. All submissions raised will be assigned to the appropriate person to maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality and investigate the matter as required.

Accessibility Policies

Tribus Services is committed to treating people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We are committed to equal opportunity and to meeting the needs of persons with Disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility where possible and meeting accessibility requirements under applicable law.

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

It is the policy of Tribus Services to provide for the continuous development and implementation of an ongoing safety program that promotes a healthy and safe work environment for all employees. As one of Tribus Services’ Core Values, safety is our highest priority. Our objective is to maintain a safe and productive work environment, and to minimize the number of injuries, illnesses, and damage to property. This policy is put into action through the implementation of our Safety Program.

Tribus Services’ commitment to a safe workplace
At Tribus Services, we are committed to conducting business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner by providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees in the workplace. With this in mind, health, safety, and the environment is an integral part of the way we conduct and manage our business.

Our commitment is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and other parties sharing or using our worksites. To do this, Tribus Services clearly outlines and implements expectations regarding health and safety performance, participation and management through our Safety Program.

Tribus Services is committed to complying with all federal, state, provincial and local regulations while making every reasonable effort to identify and control exposures in our operations that can injure people, or damage property or equipment. Every employee has the right to work in a safe and healthy work environment.

Occupational Health and Safety Commitments
To meet our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment Tribus Services will:

  • Focus on the prevention of injuries and illness.
  • Provide our employees with the training, guidance and resources necessary to meet their safety responsibilities.
  • Consult and collaborate with our employees, contractors and other stakeholders on safety matters.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, industry practices and other requirements.
  • Continually improve safety performance, and track and report progress in a timely manner.

The Tribus Services Safety Program is a tool which is designed to help management and workers achieve a workplace free of injuries and unsafe practices. It sets out each person’s specific obligations and also demands adherence to the Safety Program. We believe that committing to these obligations and demands of the Safety Program is a key component of protecting our employees from workplace hazards.

Adherence to workplace safety rules is a condition of employment for all employees and failure to follow safety rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. No operation is so important that it must be done in a manner that permits undue hazard to personnel, the public, or property. All employees will be held accountable for their responsibilities. All instances of non-compliance with this policy shall be reported to the Health, Safety, and Environment Department. The information in this policy does not take precedence over applicable legislation and regulations. It is the goal of this safety program to ensure that everyone leaves work in the same or even better condition in which they arrived.

January 1, 2018
Kevin Meagher
President & CEO
Tribus Services Group of Companies