Join Antonia’s Fans of Japan

Let’s Make a Difference!

For the past 3 years, Tribus Services has partnered with Make-a-Wish Wisconsin to sponsor the wishes of wish kids.

This year, we sponsored one of our employee’s children – Antonia (her story is included below). We started fundraising this spring, and will continue into October because Antonia’s wish is big! In April 2020, she is going to Japan. Antonia provided a list of things she may want to do while she is there, they include (but are not limited to 😊):

  • Mt. Fuji
  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Temples
  • Markets
  • Bamboo Groves
  • Mineral Baths
  • River Tour
  • Studio Ghibli Movie Studio

To raise additional funds for Antonia’s wish, we are participating in and fundraising for the Walk for Wishes along Milwaukee’s lakefront on Saturday, August 24. All proceeds will go to Antonia’s wish, through Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.

To join our team, donate, and share with friends and family…

These life-changing wishes are only possible because of supporters like us. A wish experience can truly change a child’s life, and so can we. We, the Tribus Services Community – including our friends and family, thank you for your donation and continued support!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our campaign organizers at

⭐ Antonia’s Story ⭐

Girl and cat on sofa.Antonia is 11 years old and loves American Dolls, sewing, Gravity Falls, and Roblox. She has been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF), a condition where small tumors called gliomas grow in brain tissue, nerve tissue, and along the spinal cord. While gliomas often remain dormant, Antonia has one in her brain that has grown slightly and requires treatment with chemotherapy to help reduce the pressure it’s placing on her nerves. Antonia’s treatment will last one year, and her family is hopeful to see a positive difference, as people with NF generally respond well to chemotherapy. The goal is to stabilize the glioma and prevent further growth. While the prognosis is good, the diagnosis has had an impact on her family.

“The news of her glioma growing was disconcerting. We had been monitoring it for a few years through MRIs and always knew that it could possibly grow and require treatment. The doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital of WI were very reassuring though, and once we realized that this would be more of a chronic condition rather than a life-threatening one, it was less daunting. We also wanted to make sure from the beginning that our older daughter wouldn’t feel left behind as we focused more on the health needs of Antonia”, Mike Brunelle, Antonia’s Father and Tribus Services Customer Care Representative, said.