Tribus Services at the FNGA Symposium & Expo

While you’re attending the FNGA Symposium & Expo on June 24-26, stop by Tribus Services in Booth 43. Our dedicated industry-experienced team is ready to discuss your natural gas project. We can develop compliant solutions tailored to your needs.

With our roots in gas utility services, safety is at our core. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in natural gas services and compliance, and are OQ certified and field tested. Our skilled management and staff can provide:

  • Project management and consulting
  • The latest technology & tools for recording and validating compliance
  • Atmospheric corrosion surveys with remediation
  • Leak surveys and above-ground leak repairs
  • Smart thermostats, in-home and load-managing device installation
  • Cathodic protection programs and installations of monitoring devices
  • Gas meter exchanges for aged-in-service and non-compatible AMI
  • Smart meter installation, exchanges and retrofits
  • Smart meter supply and inventory management
  • Disconnects/re-connects
  • Meter maintenance
  • Customer notification
  • Pay-per-read solutions

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